Where the power of Elohim, through the anointing of the Ruach HaKodesh, (Holy Spirit) sets the captives free! 

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."  Revelation 12:11

I had been praying for quite some time as to becoming a 501C3, and our website stated that we have been in the process of that.  The day before I made up my mind in NOT becoming a 501C3, as it had been disturbing my spirit, Prophetic Minister Hephzibah contacted me via email, and suggested highly that I do not go that route.  I took this as a direct confirmation, however between our schedules,  it was another month or so that we were able to speak on the phone for the first time.
In our first conversation, it was apparent from the beginning that this was no "normal" conversation.   We talked and prayed for about two hours.   She told me of things that only the Lord himself would have known, about my childhood, ministry, home, marriage, etc.  She also confirmed words of prophecy spoke over our home itself as the "lighthouse" of our community.  This term had been used multiple times, by multiple anointed ministers of God regarding our ministry, and home.  She also spoke of George Mueller, who I was also personally prophesied over a month ago previously, that our ministry would be a 100 fold that of Mr. Muellers.  No one but my wife, myself, and the person who prophesied over me knew about this.  Hephzibah is a true prophetic minister, and I am blessed beyond belief with her humble, loving approach at ministry, and how God uses her mightily to minister to the people of God.

I am beyond blessed at the Lord allowing our paths to cross, and excited at what He will be doing in the future!  Again, she is a true prophet, and I would recommend her to any organization or individual for any type of ministry.  If you can seed into her ministry, it would be seed sown into good ground, and would be reaping a great harvest for the Lord.

Thank you and God bless you all! 

In His Service - Pastor James Steelman    
Mommy Hephzibah,

Words are not enough how thankful we are, for four weeks that we been here in your little palace.  Not just we have a good shelter, but also you open our eyes into reality about Jesus Christ.   Gracias mommy

Love, Ryan

Hi Mommy.   Thank you Yahweh!!!   Thank you so much mommy for having us with you for a month.  I love you so much mommy.  I will gonna miss you mommy.  Please be careful always.  I will never forget you mommy.    Jikiri


im ramel bagasala.  35 yrs of age,  previously employed at safeway  store.

My most unforgettable experience happened last Nov.  30,  2012,  We're looking for a house to stay until our contract expires here, coz the landlord in our apartment didn't gave us even a day of extension.  it so happened that my co worker jikiri knew mommy hephzibah (as we call her).  she offer her home for us to stay.
and since then my life changed a lot in so many ways.  i never been so showy about my feelings, but mommy hephzibah told me that i had to let my feelings show, and i promise her to keep it until i got home,  now im excited to see my mom and give her my very first hug and kisses, i cant remember when was the last time i hug my mom.

mommy hephzibah also taught me alot of things about the false teaching that i believe for so long, the church taught a lot of false teaching to me, and since i met mommy hephzibah, i know i have to turn my back to my previous beliefs and do what the bible teach.

from now on i will not kneel to any pagan god,
i will not celebrate either any pagan feast, thanks mommy hephzibah and to your ministry for showing me the right way on how to preach the one and only God...
thank you so much mommy hephzibah, may the blessing of our God be into you and to your ministry..
Thanks a lot for being a friend, a mother,  & an eye opener.  I will never forget you.  Take good care of yourself.

To be true in myself and honestly speaking i'm very thankful when I met a person in the way my life goes almost 2 years i was living there...  Mom Hephzibah was my second family that help me to be strong and teach me how to forgive and forget the bad things happen in my daily life there despite a lot of problems...i'm so very lucky that i was guided and spiritually bless although im not baptized by his servant but i almost there when we had weekly gatherings and thanks giving prayer...filipino's and kenyan's are very close to her heart...thats why im eager and decided to go back in safe place according to what saviour was told her and im very much willing to learn and discover in which tribe i belongs, honestly i was confuse and shock that time i heard about, im waiting any plans and answer in my prayers...

Spiritually Adopted,
I  just wanted to thank you for being an open and willing vessel for our Messiah Yahshuah to use you. The Shabbat service at our assembly prior to your departure for your mission trip to Africa was filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Yahshuah used you in that service to reveal to several of His people the purpose that He has for them, to let others know that their actions to do His will are not forgotten and how He will use specific individuals in His Kingdom.  However, what was most humbling for me were the words that Yahshuah put in your mouth to speak to me concerning His plans for me in His Kingdom.  It was truly a confirmation of what the Messiah had already spoken to my heart. What you didn’t know was that I had attended a service at a different congregation the previous night (Friday) prior to our Saturday service. After the message the guest speaker at the meeting requested those individuals who have a desire to be a propagator of the Word to come to the front for the laying on of hands and prayer.  I allowed the speaker to lay hands on me and pray.  In addition to the prayer, the speaker was led by the spirit to speak into my life the plan that our Messiah has for me, the same message that you spoke into my life through the spirit (double witness) on Saturday and again the same message that Yahshuah had laid on my heart during my quiet times with Him in my personal prayer closet.  Amazing!!!

Saturday was just one occasion where our Messiah has used you in our Sabbath service.  Over the past several months that you’ve attended our assembly, our Messiah has used you to break down strongholds, understand the heart of our heavenly Father for our assembly and most importantly help us as a collective body to understand the areas where we have fallen short.

 Thank you my dear sister for everything.   My prayer is that our Messiah will increase your anointing and continue to use you in a mighty way for HIS kingdom.


Kim C.

Sis Hephzibah as I read your email prayer request, I am thinking of  you as a Deborah...a wife, mother, judge....spiritual mother are the scriptures I looked up..praying for you sis...Yahweh is with you, and will work through you and will also speak through you.....For He has chosen you, and His anointing shall break the is upon you, His anointing.  
Judges 4:8     And Barak said unto her, If thou wilt go with me, then I will go: but if thou wilt not go with me, [then] I will                                  not go.  
Judges 4:9  And she said, I will surely go with thee: notwithstanding the journey that thou takest shall not be for   thine  honour; for the LORD shall sell Sisera into the hand of a woman. And Deborah arose, and went with Barak to Kedesh.  
Judges 4:14   And Deborah said unto Barak, Up; for this [is] the day in which the LORD hath delivered Sisera into thine hand: is not the LORD gone out before thee? So Barak went down from mount Tabor, and ten thousand men after him.  
Judges 5:7   [The inhabitants of] the villages ceased, they ceased in Israel, until that I Deborah arose, that I arose a mother in Israel.  
Judges 5:12   Awake, awake, Deborah: awake, awake, utter a song: arise, Barak, and lead thy captivity captive, thou son of  Abinoam.  
Judges 5:1    Then sang Deborah and Barak the son of Abinoam on that day, saying,  
Judges 5:2    Praise ye the LORD for the avenging of Israel, when the people willingly offered themselves.  
Judges 5:3   Hear, O ye kings; give ear, O ye princes; I, [even] I, will sing unto the LORD; I will sing [praise] to the LORD God of Israel. 
Much Love in Yahshua Messiah to you sis,

I was going to Bungoma town when I was about to cross the river, suddenly I had an accident and my hand was totally broken and I suddenly started bleeding from mouth and chest pain. Even I have x-ray from Bungoma District hospital from the Doctor.  My hand could not carry even a pen; my salivary was all blood. When the minister of God, Hephzibah, prayed to God Almighty, the power of God healed me instantly.   Oh what a miracle that day, I started riding the bicycle. The bleeding stopped completely.  I could pick up my Bible to show everyone my hand was healed.  I was strongly blessed by that hidden teaching from sister Hephzibah.  Oh sister Hephzibah pray for me to a accomplish my vision:     To expand God’s kingdom!                                         People to worship one true God!                                     Breaking poverty!

Pastor Thadaus Wabwile Makokha

Dear Mum Hephzibah,

We are OK in the name Yahshua.   We are very much thankful to you for covering the shame of our house, surely we were in a big problem when it rains but now we are comfortable and happy due to what you did to us.   Mum let Abba Father bless you and your family.  We shall never forget you in our prayers.  Read Mathew 25:34-40.   I have attached a picture of our new house.

Have a nice time as you prepare to move.  Your next visiting venue, we trust that we shall have a humble time together in our new house.  I also appreciate for your support.   Our children are now in school.  We also bought some fertilizer and put in our maize garden which are doing good now.  The churches are doing well.  We need your prayers.  Yesterday i was teaching about to enter into the kingdom.   Matthew 7:13,  Luke 13:24-30.   Mum, pray with me I will be preaching in a crusade  from 9th -12th June.  Pray that many may receive Christ, be healed and get deliverance.  Have a nice time in the name of Yahshua.
Your Son,
Pastor Antony & Salome

The new house that DHM built for Pastor Anthony's family.  On the "missions" page, you can see their grass roof  hut that the rain came through, & the children were sleeping in water, so now at least everyone can be dry.   Thank you for helping us do things like this for the least of these!   Hallelu Yah  & may you be blessed by Abba for your giving.  

Since I started getting teachings from my spiritual mother about Torah, keeping the Sabbath and the feasts, I have the Lord doing wonders in my ministry.  We have seen people filled by the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues.  People healed and delivered in our recent meeting.  There was a man  37 years old who was hospitalized having stomach cancer and tumor in the brain.  His mother brought the picture in the crusade and we prayed in the name of Yahshua and the next morning brought a call that her son is completely healed and now he can eat, walk and talk, which he could not do it before.  It amazed the doctors and now he is at home praising Abba father.  We give Him glory, He is the one healed this man and many other miracles Jehovah has done. We do pray for our mother to continue teaching us the truth so that when we do the truth, the Holy spirit come down and manifest the Father in heaven.      Shalom.

Anthony and Salome Wekesa

Dear beloved Mama,

Am very sorry to have delayed to send my testimony to you. I had gone on a mission trip to Uganda for Evangelism outreach.  How are you and your loved family and ministry, i trust all is well with you there.

 I offer my special thank you for the great work you did while on your mission trip in Kenya. You left an everlasting mark, and your testimony will never be forgotten. I personally have the testimony concerning your prayers for my children who had fallen in the ditch, and after your prayers, God protected them from being hurt and they are very healthy even today. This makes me to know that God for sure send you to Kenya with a divine purpose.

 I have attached my testimony and also my photo to you. Please am working out on how i can sent you my family photo very soon.  May the Lord bless you as you continue praying for us.

Pastor Jackson

Five people were living under affliction of disease and were healed instantly as you pray for them.  One lady was looking for marriage and she got married after one week.  Two couples were having conflicts in their homes and they are staying peacefully and glorifying God.  Since the time we meet and knew you mum Hephzibah, the ministry has been up Five lifted and people are serving God whole heartily.

Pastor Isaac

Dear Prophetess Hephzibah,

Greetings from myself and family.  I am so excited to send you my sincere thanks and appreciation to you for 1. your coming to Kenya  2. for your request for my photo and 3. for the true exegetical teachings which I have started using as I teach my church.  On Passover, I taught the Church from your teachings taking away from the church the easter word. The church was touched. To this am sending you my family picture am sitting with them. Am the first from your left and my wife is the first on your right.

I and the steering committee are praying for you as we meet often.  I have downloaded your teachings and made a book for my study.  I and the team are praying for the commencing of Daystar Healing Ministries here in Kenya.

Pastor Meshack Juma

Dear Sister Hephzibah, I cannot even begin to express with words, the thanks in my heart for the blessing I received from you for my family.   I am so overwhelmed.   It is happiness.   It is relief.   It is joy unspeakable.   My little grandson Cody was with me Saturday when the mailman ran and when I opened the envelope and saw what was on the inside, I fell to my knees crying and giving thanks to Abba Papa.   Cody looked at Misty and said what is wrong with grandma?  By this time I  showed to her what was in the envelope, the check, and she told him that sometimes people do cry when they are too happy to speak words, and that grandma was just really happy.  I went throughout the day blessing the Lord, blessing you...speaking thanks and singing like I have never sung before!  My grandkids were singing with me!  And little Bailey loves to have her grandma sing.  Sis Hephzibah, I am still overwhelmed by God, and you, and His mercy and love for us.  I cannot even begin to tell you just how much this means and how far it will go to help us.  Times are about to be worse than ever before and I have been wondering just 'how' are we going to be able to make it though.  Yet, I trust God. And keep trustin even when I do not see a way.   NEVER in my entire life have I felt such love wrapped up in this for us..never in my life have I felt such care for my family.  From God's own famiy.  You have totally renewed my faith, not that I ever lost faith, but it needed strengthened.   I KNOW God is with us and will never ever leave or forsake us and He does care.   I know He loves us, but when it is hard, well, it is hard.  And I have seen Him work in others lives and He has worked in mine, many times, but this is such a huge blessing that it is one I will cherish and always look on as "our God provides!"  He really truly provides.  This is the help, the "above all I could ask or think", that will get us through.   I still feel the awe of it all.   I still feel the total and complete reassurance of He is in total control of all things, including my little home here with my family and my life.   He cares, He sees the need and He provides through a wonderful and beautiful vessel as yourself.   A cherished treasure in His hand.   You are such a blessing. 

You are an amazing woman of God and I will never forget the love in that envelope!   The amount staggers my mind!   And it is so like Him to bless our socks off, even if we are not even wearing any at the time! : )   You, my sister, shall be blessed beyond measure, beyond your wildest imaginations as God is using you, to proclaim, to set free, to deliver, and to help those in need in these days we are living in.   I look forward to one day meeting you face to face for a great big hug!   If not before our Saviour comes then soon thereafter!  I am honored to have gotten to know you and to pray for you and am blessed to be able to pray for you even more.  Thank you again from the bottom of a heart that is overflowing and big!   God is so good to us...and I want to thank you again, once more.... Your sister in the Lord, Yeshua our Messiah, Lori

PS . . . My family and I have been so blessed...and we are forever grateful.   And I am still singin with the kids! : )

I am writing to you to thank you for your obedience to the Lord.  In 2008 I was in 2 car accidents.  The fir  This accident totaled my 1997 Nissan.  I had injuries to my neck, shoulders and my right arm.

I found a newer car and purchased it.   I had had this car only 6 weeks.  On  Oct.  23rd  2008, my father, son, granddaughter and myself were in this vehicle.  We were on a major highway in Fort Worth, Tx.  The traffic in the lane that we were in came to a complete stop.  As we were stopping, I had a very uneasy feeling about where we were.  I began to pray.. . . .Asking the father to protect us.  Immediately after I prayed I hear the wheels of another vehicle lock up.  I looked up to see where this vehicle was coming from.  Then we were hit from behind, in the right back corner panel.  We were shoved 2 car lengths forward.    I had injured my neck and shoulders again.  I was experiencing severe pain and my neck was crooked.  Being that I am a hairdresser now for 23 years, these injuries were keeping me from my potential income.
At the meeting in Feb. 2010  you were instructed from the Lord to lay hands on me and pray.   I am here to tell you thank you for your obedience to the Lord.   I am healed.  In just a few minutes after you laid hands on me in prayer, the pain left and my neck and shoulder area straightened right up.  This is April the 4th, 2010, when I am writing this letter to you.   May the Lord of Glory himself BLESS you richly.

Laura Gossett

Wanted to "thank you," for your sweet ministry and flow of the Holy Spirit last Saturday evening.  Your gift of discernment ministers great healing to the Body of Messiah because of His great compassion and love that flows through you. Also, your obedience in flowing literally in the gift of "healing" has brought great strength and encouragement to those I have personally seen you be used to minister to over the last few months.  And, I personally want to "thank" Yahweh for bringing you into my life as a sister and friend in Messiah.  It is comforting to know He is still "choosing" those we are to walk with, in Him, to bring Glory to His Name!
So Hephzibah, I am trusting Yahweh to use you mightily as a seasoned warrior and intercessor as He is building "His Kingdom on Earth as It is in Heaven," especially in this next season.  I know you are one who has been "chosen for such a time as this," to discern the signs of the time and to be a "Watchman" over the events of the world, the Body of Messiah and the whole House of Israel.  "Thank You" again for your faithfulness in your "watching and praying."  It's time for the Body of Messiah to follow suit.
Much Love and Blessings in Your Near Future Endeavors and May He Provide All Your Needs According to His Riches In Glory in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus),
Vonnie Ward RN
Hephzibah, my dear sister in Christ!  Just wanted to send to you a quick hello today and to tell you how much I appreciate your faithfulness to the Holy Spirit ( Ruach Ha Kodesh!)   Over the last few months I have been witness to your walking in obedience to the Father.  I have witnessed you flow in the power of the Holy Spirit in many ways- from exhortation, deliverance, healing, and compassion to believers who were present in the group that I attend.
As for me personally, thank you again for being obedient to the Holy Spirit for you spoke over my life many words from the Father to me <his daughter> in loving words.  To assure me that I have been obedient to the call of intercession in my life.  The words were precious and sweet and very encouraging to me which I felt were coming from the throne room of Yahweh. These words I will remember as I join my brothers and sisters in spiritual warfare in these days that we are living.  I again want to thank you Hephzibah, for being obedient to flow in the gifts which the Father has given you. 
Much love in Yeshua's name 
Barbara Crowley
Shalom, my name is Noel and I am a board member of Heart to Heart Christian Ministries.    I am writing to give testimony of Hephzibah's visit to the “Women in Action” conference we held in New Orleans. 

First let me begin by telling of the awesome way the Lord used Hephzibah on our weekly television program.  I am the set director and also floor director so I have first hand knowledge of the anointing that was upon Hephzibah as  she was interviewed on the program.  Her testimonies and understanding of  how the Lord is moving was a blessing to me. 
I can also share how she ministered to many at the conference.   She really moved by the Holy Spirit and ministered to many through what she spoke about.   She also ministered through prayer and the laying on of hands to many who 
waited after the conference for prayer.

The day following the conference Hephzibah attended our home fellowship, and although I am quite sure she was exhausted from the busy schedule and extensive time she spent ministering after the conference, she was more than willing to let the Lord use her in our assembly.   She ministered to each person there through prayer and the
leading of the Holy Spirit.   Hephzibah was a true blessing to me and I am sure to each one in our fellowship.  

In Christ,
         Succot 2009 in                
        New Orleans
I am following your ministry and am so blessed by your stand, so many will not stand for, God and His word. Thank you, and be so blessed in your work for God. I am praying for you, and I know God is going to do so much more through you.   You are blessed and true.  

Peggy H.

checked out the web site at the bottom of this email, and I need to tell you, I found it extremely refreshing.  I must admit I was very surprised at the truth I saw there.  I am sorry if that offends you in any way, but I am to the point of not trusting anyone any longer at all.  There seems to be such a small amount of people out there any longer that really have a heart for God, that I doubt all.  I guess it is a protective defense I have built up over the years.  I am not saying I trust you completely, because we are commanded to prove all things, but so far, your site was a breath of fresh air to me. I have not read that much on your site, but I did read and skim down most of the first page, especially about the Lakeland issues, and the rapture, etc.  Please do not take this as an insult at all.  I do not mean it that way.  I have trouble expressing myself clearly at times.  I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you.   God bless and keep you.

Hello Sis Hephzibah,
Well God Bless you sister.   I am not sure you will remember me, but I am Jeanine.   You met me in Tepic Mexico when Mike and Becky took you to minister in a church with Pastors Abraham and Angie.
Anyway I finally got time to sit down and write you.   I just want to thank you for what you did for the Pastors.   They have been some of my closest friends here in Mexico for about 5 years and my family and I love them to death.   It thrilled our hearts to have you bless them in such a wonderful way.   I feel the ministry time was as big a blessing as the windows you donated for.   Leaders often need ministered too but seem to receive less, as who will minister to the 
Pastors.   Well God always provides and I am blessed to have gotten to see it.

In the service you also ministered to my daughter.   God spoke directly to her heart things she desperately needed to hear.   It was a wonderful time of encouragement and blessing.   You also ministered to me confirming things the Lord has spoken to me already.  The service was a powerful time in God's presence and all were touched by our Heavenly Father.   You also ministered to the Pastors confirming things the Lord had spoken  and showed them. It was a precious time in the Lord and truly he ministered to all present.   I know Sister Hephzibah you  were having trouble with your health as the enemy was attacking, but you were obedient and  God blessed in a mighty and miraculous way that night, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.   God is good, so good to his people and it was our pleasure to get to meet you and be in the service.

I pray you are feeling better.   I know not even feeling your best would stop you from what God has for you to do.  You are a blessing to his children.   Thank you for all you sacrifice for your Fathers work.   God bless you Sister and pray to see you again in the future.  God bless you and thank you for your obedience.

In his Love, 
Jeanine Barnet, Missionary to Mexico