Where the power of Elohim, through the anointing of the Ruach HaKodesh, (Holy Spirit) sets the captives free! 

"He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, who abides under the shadow of El Shaddai, He is saying of Yahuah, my refuge & my stronghold, My Elohim, in whom I trust."  Psalms 91:1-2

                                                         October 27, 2012

Greetings Mishpocah,

Finally I am getting a chance to sit down & write to you. There has been so much that has happened since the last time I wrote, & am truly sorry it's not more often, as I would like, but it's always something else that needs to be done.   I pray that all of you are doing well in every way, & am so grateful for those of you who pray for me on a regular basis.

The weather has finally cooled off  hallelu Yah, but am praying it doesn't get too cool too fast. The "winter" here is beautiful outside, but at night it can get very cold, & because the buildings are cement, they hold the cold in very well, which is why I'm so glad i have some rugs on the floors & some good rubber soled slippers to walk on them with. Praise Yah for the small stuff that can make a very big difference.

I know it's been a while, but do you remember the taxi driver I told you about that I prayed for with the skull cancer? They thought he had died, was in the hospital, in a coma, & his heart had stopped for many hours, but his brain was still working.  He finally came out of it, & his family dragged him to the U.S., but after about six weeks, he returned here cause he couldn't believe what's happened there from when he lived there before, & missed being home. Well he called me, telling me he's coming to see me, & when he did, informs me that he is totally healed, they can't find the cancer, & that he went & baptized himself in a river, cause he's a believer now.  Oh glory hallelu Yah!!!!!!!!! What an awesome Elohim we serve!  Thank you for your prayers that I know made the difference!  I am seeing more & more healings, miracles, & know that Father is about to pour out His Ruach like in the book of Acts.  I sense that in the midst of all the darkness, that He is going to do some mighty miracles through His people, if we will just be willing.  If we will only be available, led by His Spirit, concerned about His business, rather than our own, He will use us much more often than we think possible, but make sure to give Him all the glory when He does.

Last night was another wonderful opportunity to be used by Abba to pull a beautiful young woman from the jaws of hell.  Annie has only been to our Friday night dinner gatherings once, & I knew that she's been studying to become a M, even though she grew up in the church back in the Philippines, where her mother & aunt are spirit-filled believers, so am sure they've been praying.  When I took another Filipina home, who had just moved in with Annie, it wasn't too late for a change, so she invited me in, & felt led to just go in to say "hi", but was very surprised at the conversation we quickly got into.  She told me she's been having some physical problems, & Michell told her how she had been instantly healed when I prayed for her a few months back, so when I asked if she wanted me to pray for her, she quickly accepted. Wow! What Abba did was so amazing & not only did He touch her physically, but spoke words to her that touched her deeply, as she fell into my arms weeping.  He is so amazing & just love when He surprises me like this, no matter how I feel, how tired I am, or whatever the circumstances.

During the summer, we did something very different, & went to the beach for our erev Shabbat gatherings.  It was wonderful & the Ruach showed up so big every week, touching all of us sometimes right there in the midst of other people sitting nearby.  Usually we would quickly pick up  sandwiches for dinner, take our blankets with a chair for me, & try to find a quiet place, praying for Abba to keep people away, block their ears from hearing what is being said, & keeping the trouble makers away, like the guys barreling down on horses, getting so close to us, trying to scare especially the girls.  It was just like Yahshua took His disciples, teaching them by the sea, & never cease to be amazed how with nothing planned, He just pours out through me with things HE wants to teach them.  I am so humbled at what He's done, but it's all His work & ministry to those He loves so much, & also given me so much love for.   I just praise His holy name, Yahuah!

The new website is still being worked on, but very soon I'll send out an email to the group giving them the address, even though it's not finished.  The conference/crusade in Kenya is being planned for January, a little later than I had thought, but am hoping to raise the funds needed for this trip to Africa. Father has led us to a program where people can help donate through their shopping online, so even for those who can't afford to give extra, can still be giving when they make a purchase. Please take a look at & tell me if you have any ideas or suggestions for us. Lori, a precious messianic sister, has been helping me, but it's been a slow process because she's been under extreme attack with many things, including physical problems, finances, & family issues, so would appreciate your prayers for her.

I have more I could write, but feel for now it's time to close, & with your prayers, will really try to write again sooner & tell you more of the exciting things Abba is doing. I would love to hear from some of you, whether by skype, or email here & can only hope that someday I would have some visitors come to see me.  Also pray that Father would send me a roommate, as I have the space, & could certainly use the financial help. I would love to have another single woman, or young couple, as they would have their own bedroom with bath downstairs, & complete privacy away from me, who spends most of my time upstairs. Thanks for remembering all these things in prayer, which is the most powerful weapon we have against the dark forces, but our great Elohim is mighty & more than able to change any circumstances as He sees fit.  Blessing to all of you.



                                                         June 30, 2012

Dear Friends,

Again it's been a while, but so many things going on here. I hope & pray you are all doing well in Yahshua HaMashiach. Thank you so much to all who pray for me, especially concerning all the physical challenges I deal with. The heat stroke affected me very severely, & still have much weakness from the heat that I'm having much more difficulty dealing with than in my younger days.  My right leg & hip also is still very painful, but I press on, daily walking up & down the 20 stairs in my apartment numerous times.

Do you remember the taxi driver I told you about? The one I was able to pray with for healing of his skull cancer? A month ago I got a text message from his number on my cell phone that his brother sent telling me that he had died. Oh no! I called his Filipina girlfriend to confirm this news, & she was told the same thing, & that he was being buried that very afternoon.  About a week to 10 days later, the girlfriend calls telling me he is alive, has been in a coma in the hospital, & his family is wanting her to come to convince his sister, who had come from the U.S. to let the doctors pull the plug, & were saying that his heart had stopped, but his brain was still working. Well now I really got to praying, & a few days later, the man himself calls me laughing, telling me he wants his family who had come from the U.S., as well as a doctor, to meet me. It was very late at night, told me they were leaving the next morning, but would be back that evening, & would call me then. Well the next call was the next evening & now he's telling me that he's not coming back here, but leaving in a few days for the U.S. This is a couple weeks ago, & now am told by the girlfriend that he's coming back, doesn't want to stay in the U.S., so can't wait to talk with him & find out what happened while he was in the coma, which he thinks was only a couple days, not the length of time it actually was. Please agree & believe with me for this man's salvation, total healing & deliverance for Yah's glory.

Also wanted to praise Yah & give you the wonderful report that Lyn's roommate, Forshine, the girl I prayed for while getting a massage, is back to work & apparently not sick any more, which is a total miracle, as I believe she was slowly, but literally dying. What a wonderful Elohim we serve!!! HalleluYah!!!!!! There are so many sick & hurting, needing a touch from the Master, & it may be YOU that could minister that special touch from Him, if you will just be sensitive to the Ruach, & allow Him to use you. Daily we must ask Him to reveal anything in our hearts contrary to His will, repent & allow Him to cleanse us of all the deception & iniquity, so we can be a holy vessel, much more effective & fit for His use.

The ones who really know me, especially the Filipinos who regularly come to the "gatherings", know what an exciting & adventurous life I live because of obedience to our Father, which I believe is provoking them to want more of HIm. We had another wonderful time last night as we gathered for our weekly Erev Shabbat dinner that is most enjoyable & like a real family for me, which is what I've lacked for many, many years & why I've missed all of you so much. It was a unanimous decision from them when I asked how many were interested to begin also meeting on Tuesday evenings for Bible study, teachings & learning more of His word. We had a new gal come, & also one that hasn't been able to for a long time because of her work schedule & her boyfriend. Please pray for these to come to know the truth, be willing to forsake everything to follow after Yahshua in total obedience.

Love & Blessings,

                                                         May 2, 2012


Well I had quite an amazing last week when I had hours to share the gospel with my landlord, & his friend, both nominal M men, who listened intently to everything I said, besides my praise & worship CD of Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, me singing along, with one even saying "HallelluYah".   He only asked me one question. What is sin? Wow! Then he proceeded to tell me his "big" ones, which I already know about, but tells me he thinks all his good deeds will make up for the bad things. I told him nothing but the blood is able & he seemed to accept that, never refuting anything I told him. He knows so much more than I could have ever imagined & told me he's seen a "Jesus" film once. I rode with him & his friend, on a four hour trip one way.   I told them so much more than I would have imagined, even about the lost tribes, but the Ruach was so strong in the car & knew the anointing to touch their hearts was there. Nearly everything I was told about this man, how I was to act, treat him, etc., was so wrong, for we have a very good relationship & seem to understand each other very well, already being through some difficulties, but now actually being friends.

During the week I also met a cab driver now suffering with cancer of the skull & lots of torment from killing so many people while fighting in wars. I only had a brief opportunity to pray with him for healing, but believe I'll see him again, & he's also very open to hearing the truth. 

Had a massage at a Filipina's apartment cause I had nowhere else, & she & her roommates live very poorly with the kitchen & bathroom outside, so it was just like being in the Philippines again with having to try making it in the hole in the floor, which is standard in many other countries toilets. I shared much with Lyn & Forshine, her roommate, who is extremely sick, felt she is literally dying, as she's had symptoms for many months, gone to the doctor numerous times, but whatever they've given her, is doing nothing to help. I began to pray in the Spirit, & the Ruach flooded the room, while I laid my hand on her, rebuking the symptoms & sickness, believing for total healing, so please keep these in your prayers also.

Thank you so much for all your prayers that keep me going, & for all these people's salvation, for surely I have been brought to this place for such a time as this to plant seeds, water some, & hope to see a harvest soon.

Shalom & Blessings,

                                                         April 18, 2012

Greetings in Yahshua's Name!

I pray that you are all doing well, growing in the knowledge of our mighty Elohim, & never cease to be amazed at how wonderful He is.  His blessing continues in my life, as I seek to only do His will, serving Him & teaching the ones He brings as He has taught me.  There is so little time to keep up with emails these days, but I'm trying, so please forgive me that it's been so very long since writing.  I will try to do better, & would love to hear from some of you.  

The Friday meetings started out a couple times a month, but because I was asked if we could please have them every week, that is what we are now doing. The first time the young people came, I only had snacks, drinks, & dessert, not realizing some would come directly from work, hungry, not having time to eat dinner, & they devoured whatever food there was.  The second time I had dinner for everyone, expecting buffet style, but because they were less in number, I was led to set the table & have us all sit down to dinner. The way I planned everything went totally out the window, as Abba had something much better planned, which He always does, & we just need to follow His leading rather than keep the "program" we make. His ways are not our ways, & His ways bring the manifestation of His Spirit, which changes lives, & what He did that night.  I didn't expect to begin sharing as we were eating, but as I was obedient to what He wanted, by the time dinner was over, the Holy Spirit was there in power, touching each one, bringing deep healing & deliverance, as some released the pain & pressure they've been under, weeping & wiping their tears with their dinner napkins. Every week now we have a beautiful, candle lit, sit down dinner, which is so special for these precious, humble Filipinos, who throughout the week are all waiting on others, in some way or other.  The majority of the ones who have been regulars, work at one of the nicer hotels in town, mostly waiters & waitresses, but some do housekeeping also.  I had wanted to try & reach some of the women that I sent the article on, the ones who have been so used & abused, & now some have gone into prostitution to survive financially, but a few I know in that situation had the opportunity I was giving them for a major change in their lives, & they turned it down, so very sad.  Please pray for these to come out of the bondage the enemy has driven them into, & believe for Father to deliver them.

I had to start very slowly with basics of the faith, which was challenging for me, as I'm used to dealing mostly with pastors who have been walking with Abba for many years. Most of these, have a background in Roman Catholicism, so there is much deception to uproot in their lives, before the true word can be planted, but the majority that have been coming, have at least come out of that & experienced the new birth. Before I started having what we call, "gatherings", I was asking Abba how will I explain to these about their Heb Roots, will they understand, can they really comprehend the 2 house message?  A Filipina, who had just moved in, was in the kitchen talking with me, when she said, "you know my name is in the Bible", to which I replied, "oh yes, I do know, & do you know who Lea was?", which she didn't, so I told her she was one of the mothers of Israel, & was then shocked when she said, in a very vehement way, "& I've been asking what tribe am I from?", to which I replied, "you mean you know you're from one of the tribes?", & she said, "well I think so, & I need to know what gate I'm to enter through." That was my answer from Father, & a great encouragement to me, so the group has now been told about their "roots", the 2 houses & more, but in a very concise way, as now we will go through things weekly to help them understand all the history.

Lea is so hungry & excited about all she is learning, constantly asking questions, listening & watching some of the DVD's I have, & sharing what she knows with the group, which provokes them to want to know more. HalleluYah!!!!  She is 26 years old, been here for 5 years, so knows some of the language here, which is a great asset too, especially when we're in a taxi or out shopping. She is also a great cook, & not just Filipino food, but the local, & some American, including Italian & Mexican. I even had some stuffed cabbage several weeks ago, a very popular Romanian dish, but I discovered something they make here too. She tells me I don't eat enough, but I've gained a few pounds since she's been here, & you all know how I love to eat good food cooked by other's anointed hands. She's getting to be quite the "chef", even making homemade bread, cakes, & whatever else she decides from the many recipes she's having fun with finding in my many cookbooks & online. The reason we can have our lovely, weekly dinners for our fellowship is because Lea volunteered to do the cooking, & believes that is her ministry from Abba right now, which is so awesome that she should know this in her heart. She's been saved about 7 years, but where she was living was being pulled away, so when I asked her to work for me & invited her to move in, she made the decision, knowing it was Father's way of helping her to get out of a very unhealthy environment. The hours with her main housekeeping job she does 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, work out perfectly with my hours & allow her the time she needs to get everything done. Please pray for Lea as she grows in her faith, for she's already being persecuted by some that are jealous or don't understand, but the growth I've seen in her in only the three months she's been here has been unusual & very encouraging for me personally.

This is an amazing testimony & know Yahshua is revealing himself to many in this part of the world, so keep praying.

Thank you for remembering me even when you don't hear from me for long periods because I'm very busy, but also think of you often & pray for you too as we all continue serving the King.

In His Love,

                                                           April 8, 2012                                                             

Dear Friends,

Sorry to tell you  now that the mother died last night, the funeral was today. I can only hope that the truth was revealed to her during this time & she accepted it, as I don't think she ever woke up from the coma, but will ask to be sure. Thank you so much for your prayers, & please pray for my landlord & his family, that somehow I can convey the truth to him that I've shared at times in ways he can see how "my" God does miracles for me, which he's seen multiple times, & why he wanted me to come & pray. I have great favor with this very nice man, who is a M & needs to know our Elohim.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers.


April 1 , 2010

Please keep praying for my landlord's mother, as I just spoke to him & he tells me she is now breathing on her own, a miracle in itself, even though she is still in the coma, but one eye has also been moving. Praise YAH!!! Please also pray for me as I'm having computer problems that I know nothing about & it's more than frustrating, as I can't fix anything, so really need Abba to intervene in this situation. Am sorry I still haven't gotten my update finished, but have had no time, & this week is going to be "crazy busy". Thank you all so much for interceding on my behalf & this M woman.   All glory to Yah!

March 19, 2012

This went very well, praise Yah, & am waiting to hear a good report. No problem at all, even though the area where the woman lay was right across from the desk where doctors, nurses, other workers were, so they saw me go to pray for her. It was day 16 of her being in a coma, but I very quietly preached to her & prayed for nearly half an hour, even anointed her with oil, believing for a miracle. Only Abba can do the work, but I did my part, & know my landlord appreciated it whatever the outcome. Thank you for your prayers & pray for the woman please, cause I'm believing Yahshua is revealing himself to her during this time.

Yes He is using me greatly here, & am so busy I need about 5 of me to do everything.  I spent a lot of time writing all of you an email update the other day, & just when I was ready to send it, a whole bunch just disappeared, so have to finish what I started soon. Pray for not only my protection, but the ones that come every week, which I'll tell you more about later, & that their eyes would be open to the truth of what I'm teaching them.

March 16, 2012

No time for details, but ask you to intercede please, as my landlord, a M, is picking me up in half an hour to take me to the hospital to pray for his mother, who has been in a coma for at least a couple weeks. Since he "asked", I can do this, but need much grace for me, in case of others that may find out & not like it. Thanks for your prayers. Will write soon.

                                                     REVIVAL  8 / 30 / 08

Dear Saints,

Because I've been asked from the very beginning about the Lakeland fiasco, & there are those who know where I've stood, long before all the debauchery was exposed, there's little I'm going to say here, but feel I need to share this from my heart & own experience over the years. When I returned from living overseas as a missionary in 1994, the Toronto thing was in full swing, & I wanted to go, having a desperate need, but God didn't allow it. I was living in FL at the time & a church I had ministered at was taking all their leadership to Pensacola & asked me to join them, which I wanted to do, but God said NO! I went to one Howard-Browne meeting in Tampa where he was walking around, laying hands on people. I had a strange feeling & prayed that if it wasn't of God, he wouldn't touch me or pray for me. He prayed for every single person around me, but passed me by. I've been to a meeting where the pastors from Smithton were praying for people, & another with Stacey Campbell & there was absolutely no anointing.

I have stood & ministered under a very strong anointing, so I'm not a stranger to it, & am not saying this out of pride, but neither lack of knowledge or experience. I've asked God about these things for years, & wondered what's wrong with me, because everyone I knew seemed to be so into these so-called "revivals". I love the anointing & the gifts of the Spirit, that I've operated in for nearly 30 years, but I also know the manifestations of evil spirits, being in deliverance ministry. People barking like dogs, & other animal sounds coming out of them, as well as other weird manifestations I've seen, are of the devil, not God. I'm sorry if this offends you, but it's what I sincerely believe.
More than six months ago, a precious sister I love, mentioned something to me regarding a connection of some kind with Todd Bentley, & got upset with me when I told her to be careful. I've never seen or heard him, but have some checks in my spirit about the whole movement he's been a part of & I told her that. When I first heard about Lakeland I had a huge red flag go up in my spirit, but then started questioning myself when I was sent positive emails, so I thought I'd watch some. I earnestly prayed asking God for His truth in the matter. It wasn't long I could watch, because what I saw was a very self absorbed young man walking with such arrogance, exhibiting total foolishness & disgracefulness to the King & His kingdom.
Where in the world is the discernment in the body of Christ? What is wrong that so few could see what is so obvious? The impression I got was "this is part of the great falling away, the apostasy" spoken of in II Thes. 2:3. "Falling away" in Strongs comes from the word "apostasia", which means "defection from truth", which I believe correctly describes what happened in Lakeland, especially when the BIG names went there to endorse it. There's a whole lot more I could say about all of it, but don't feel the Lord would have me do that, at least for now.

I'm not trying to criticize or condemn, but would ask those of you who have been involved in these things to seriously seek the Father about all of it, asking for His truth. Those in leadership are accountable to God for leading others to such deception. I know God loves Todd & pray for him & all involved to repent for bringing such disgrace to the name of our Lord Jesus, so they can be restored to the place God has for His church to walk in, which is His true miracle working power, not the sham of what we've seen.

Was The Man Really Dead?   4/08

A couple weeks ago my youngest daughter, & family took me out for a birthday dinner, & I met them at a nearby restaurant. I knew they had
arrived before me, so proceeded to find them at their table. As I turned a corner, a young waitress was speaking to a man sitting in a booth, saying, "well, what happened?" & the man replied, "I don't know, just call 911! His male friend, sitting across from him had fallen over sideways, leaning down to the floor, with his eyes open & tongue hanging out, not breathing or moving in any way. Well, what do you think I did? Those of you who know me, already know, don't you? Yes, I put my hand on his neck, rebuked the spirit of death, commanded life into his body, & prayed in tongues!!! LOUD! It was so noisy in the restaurant nobody heard me anyway, except the friend & the waitress, who didn't seem to mind at all. Suddenly the man sat up, blinked his eyes several times, looking around, & said, "where am I?" I asked him if he knew what happened, but he had no idea, picked up his fork & continued his dinner, thanking me many times. HalleluYah!!! Glory to His name!!! Was the man really dead? Well, I didn't stop to take his pulse, listen for a heartbeat, or wait for someone else to tell me he was, but...............he appeared that way, as he wasn't breathing, wasn't moving, was hanging down towards the floor with his eyes open & tongue hanging out, so................I can't say for sure, only know that the Holy Spirit used me to pray & see Him do a miracle. The paramedics did come later, & took the man to the hospital so he could be checked out.

                                                 November 26, 2011

Shabbat Shalom,

Finally have a few minutes to sit & write, as I stayed home today, being very tired after having 18 people for Thanksgiving dinner here. Most everyone brought delicious dishes, but I did make a turkey with stuffing & a jello salad (we have "beef" gelatin here), & we had a wonderful time in Yah, worshipping & fellowshipping till past 10 pm, with a very strong anointing of His Spirit. I know everyone enjoyed it very much & wish all of you could have been here too. Everyone was seated at beautiful candle lit tables with my inherited china & crystal that I used for the first time. (never had any of my own) Abba has decorated my new home so beautifully & elegantly, I know everyone must think I'm very rich. :) I'm not, but He is, & just another way He is bringing restoration into my life. I would've never expected anything so grand as He's done. It never ceases to amaze & surprise me how He continues to bless me so much, but know He has a much greater purpose than just for my comfort. I believe He's going to have me minister to the Filipino migrant workers, many here that are struggling, some that have been very abused, & I've met about a dozen of them so far & told them I'm going to start having meetings in my home & asking them to come when I call. They are so precious, & know that I love them, as I've told them I lived in their country back in 93, even in places some of them are from.

Please continue praying for my health, as that is a continuous struggle, with swelling & pain especially in my hip that I fell on last winter, & my ankle & foot that gets so bad, I can barely walk. I finally got x-rays to make sure there were no fractures or blood clots, but didn't like the DX the doctor gave me, & need to go on an intense cleanse, believing to flush whatever out of my body & Yah to touch & heal me completely. Thanks much for your prayers.
 Love & Blessings,
                                                         October, 2011 


Can't help wishing I could be translated, at least for a day so I could spend Succot with y'all. Maybe one day soon I pray! Isn't it a wonderful day to celebrate?!!  Do it up BIG!!!

I can't help wondering why I've been so very blessed by our Papa with what He's done for me, giving me this little "palace" to live in.  So unbelievable!!! I have so much to do though, getting  everything unpacked & put away.  I finally got 2 rooms done.  Ha! 

The downstairs bathroom & finally, the kitchen, which is so BIG, but I have a place for everything, half of which I forgot I had, because it's all been packed for so long. I'm wondering who all the people are that are coming to eat & drink with SOOOO many dishes & glasses! Maybe all of you!!! C'mon your money, or believe for translation, cause I have the room!!  WOW!!! Must be lots of guests coming! The best part is it's all for such a ridiculous price!!!

We had a big celebration last night with about 20 brothers & sisters, some of who I hadn't met until then. Great food! Turkey with all the trimmings. Anointed music (yes I was dancing) & fellowship, which was so funny cause the elderly man sitting next to me at the table, kept grabbing my hand & squeezing it while we were singing. His wife, who normally sits next to him, sat across the table, & he was drinking wine, which he never does, but for some reason, last night did, & think he forgot that his wife wasn't sitting next to him. The woman on the other side of me, looked over, & I looked at her, & it was all we could do to not burst out laughing, but he is so cute, such a sweetheart.  

I met a man who came to visit at other people's home. He sat there nicely telling me how he didn't think women should preach/teach just because that's the way he was brought up. Then he apologized for "offending" me, but I told him I wasn't offended, which I really wasn't, cause at this point, it's gotten quite funny & Abba said, ask him why does He always confirm His word when I do with signs, wonders, & miracles? Hmmmm...... what can I say?

So many of our wrong beliefs, mindsets, erroneous perceptions need to be put to death & let His truth invade our hearts & minds, eradicating everything that's not of Him. All of us have had or have some, & we need to only want His truth, ask Him to put it into us if we don't have that hunger, as He will be faithful to give us what we ask for according to His word, & His truth is His word, His word is truth, which will set us free. What do you need to be free from? Whatever it is, His truth is the answer! Receive it, know it, & you will be made free. 

Freedom is a wonderful thing! Free to be what He called us to be, His sons, His bride, yes both male & female, all of us are eligible to be both SONS & His BRIDE. There is no male or female in Messiah, sitting with Him in heavenly places. Are you a female? You can still be a SON! Are you a male? You can still be His BRIDE! If you don't believe it, then you won't be, that's for sure. Believe, receive, be set free to be everything He wants you to be. Oh it's a wonderful thing! 

I pray for freedom for all of you!!!

Love & hugs to all,
                                                  September 24, 2011

Dear Family & Friends,

Yes, I made it to my new destination, even though the enemy fought me hard right down to the last minute. The airline changed the departure time of my flight twice, which was a good thing, as it gave me more time before leaving, but in spite of that, it was such a struggle for me to leave that I missed my plane. I sat in a wheelchair in the middle of the airport & broke down crying, while waiting for someone from the airlines to come from the gate & help me. After being there alone for a very long time, a young man came in realizing he had also missed the plane, & spent the next hour calling many numbers trying to find someone to help us get on the next flight. I knew there was a flight out of Chicago that night & told him to not give up, as I thought we should be able to get on it. He was from this part of the world, so I let him do the talking on my phone after getting in touch with someone in the New York office, but they informed him it was too bad he missed his flight, but it was his fault & there was nothing they could do about it. He finally gave up, telling me he was going home, & I should too cause they weren't going to do anything to help us. I sat there praying, asking Father if I should go back home, whether I had missed it, if I should try again in 2 days, as they suggested, or possibly in 2 weeks, as was also told to do. I knew in my heart that I needed to get to Chicago to catch the flight from there, because I was supposed to leave that day, not wait for days or weeks more. I had to stand my ground & not give in to the enemy & his tactics to deceive, distract, or discourage me in any way. 

Finally the agents came from the gate & were getting off work, as it was the last flight of the day. I was asking for the supervisor, who finally came to speak with me, & I told her my situation & what had happened. At first she wasn't very concerned or helpful, but then very suddenly had a complete change of heart, & spent the next two hours doing everything for me that she possibly could, including calling Chicago to talk with the supervisor there, who was a friend & personally took care of me when I arrived.  I could go into more detail about all of it, but the crux of the matter is that it was a huge battle to get out of Detroit, but once I missed my flight, & just trusted Abba, everything changed, & from then on, it has been overwhelming, non-stop extreme favor & blessing, with what has been a complete 180 in my life, & an abundance of love, peace & joy.

 After many hours of flying, I was picked up by friends who took me directly to my apartment, which they had worked on for months, painting, cleaning, & preparing for me, but as soon as I walked in the door, even though it looked great, I knew that wasn't where I was supposed to be, which was a confirmation for them of what they had felt the whole time. I had been told only a few days before leaving that the apartment next door to them was going to be available, as the people who had lived there only a short time, were now moving to Nigeria, but they knew someone who wanted the place very badly, so he had first choice if he could find someone to take over his apartment. My friends asked if I wanted to see the place, & I felt I should, in spite of being very tired after flying many hours. The minute I walked in the door, it was all I could do to keep from falling on my knees in tears, because the anointing of the Holy Spirit was all over me,
confirming that this was the place He had for me. I told the woman I was very interested, but was told they would let me know in a few days if it was available, waiting for the man who also wanted it.

I told Father if it was where He wanted me, I needed to know that day, & when we sat down to dinner, the news came that it was available. Now I told Father I need someone to take over my apartment lease immediately if this is truly what you want, & the very next evening, when we sat down to dinner again, the call came telling me someone wanted my apartment. Glory HalleluYah!!! It
has been one thing after another of Father's divine plan coming to pass, because in the natural, it really doesn't make sense, as I was perfectly happy with the other apartment, but for some reason, He wants me in the one that is more than twice the size, so beautiful I can hardly describe it, & like a small palace, but know in my heart, that it is His perfect will.
I applied for my residency, which normally takes many weeks, a month, or more, but I got it without the normal procedure in less than a week. My friends could hardly believe all they've seen happen since I arrived, because they've been here for over two years, & never witnessed anyone having the things happen as I have.

Tonight I will be given the keys to my new home, that is being professionally cleaned, (never happens) besides being a week earlier than my lease begins, & just got the call that my container is here, so will be delivered & unloaded tomorrow. It is all so beyond my wildest dreams, & have felt at times like I died & went to heaven, because what Father has done & given me is just over the top in many ways.  Will write again soon.

Love ,