Where the power of Elohim, through the anointing of the Ruach HaKodesh, (Holy Spirit) sets the captives free! 

                   "He who shows favor to the poor lends to YHVH, and He repays his deed."   Proverbs 19:17                         "Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, let him also cry and not be heard. "   Proverbs 21:13 

A  F  R  I  C  A

Hi my dear Mum Hephzibah,

We real thank God your visit in Bungoma Kenya.  Churches is growing rapidly and instantly according to your last Bungoma Conference, people are coming to faith, my churches is growing daily, a move of God is here in the name of Yeshua.

I’m pastor Richard Barasa Waswa, married to Janet, 2 children, born, 1955 my father Tomas Waswa and mum Rosemary Naliaka Waswa.  I was a first born, father died when I was 12 years. Father left us 5 boys, one died and we are now 4 boys. My mum married place and she left us in hardships.  No schooling but we were workers for our daily needs. I took care of my fellow brothers, & we have suffered a lot.  The year 1980, I was robbed with gangsters, who tried even to kill me and only cut my right finger, but God saved my life. That is the year I got saved, and for long time staying in poverty I didn’t got married until I got saved and God gave me a young girl called Janet. God blessed us with 2 children by now, I started serving God as Evangelist and prophet.  I have witnessed God touching and healing many people. I have planted 8 churches 70-150 members per church, and reaching other countries in Africa.  I have visited Uganda and Tanzania. We are lacking rental fees, plots, food, clean water, schools, hospitals and children school fees.  We always spend more 10,000 Kenya shillings for our house rents, our houses and food for our children. We real thank God for connecting us with Rev. Hephzibah, we are working as one team in Bungoma Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, & we need your daily prayers and help. I’m looking forward for my operation on my back, but no funds, we are trusting God for my healing.


Pastor Richard Barasa Waswa
Hey our dear Rev. Hephzibah,

I take this blessed opportunity to pass my love and best regards to you and your family hoping and trusting that you are fine and going strong in the Lord. Thanks for your fellowship and communication that is always timely and inspiring which has always caused me to aspire for greater things in the Lord’s vineyard since you spoke in Bungoma conference by inspired message and total healing. We are doing well in fellowship, moving on to higher dimensions of increase and abundance. God’s mighty power is at our disposal.

I really thank God for you as you have shown interest in giving a helping hand in this through your spiritual materials Bibles and supporting pastors. I pray that God opens your doors and grants you other connections that share the same burden as you do, so that this vision may be quickened according to His power.  God has put on our hearts to tell all nations good news.

Please this is my Testimony. 
I'm pastor Benjamin, married to one wife Judith, six children and dealing and helping those in need in my churches, the year 1982 I was very sick for about three years without healing.  One day God send his servant called pastor Paul, a prophet came and prayed, and eventually I got healed, then I moved from Roman Catholic and join Free Pentecostal church.  I started as Sunday school teacher, even my 4 brothers, pastor Isaac, Pastor Anthony, Chrisantus and David, who Mum Rev. Hephzibah meet them in last Bungoma conference.  It was a flow of fire and a move of God.  Rev. Hephzibah prayed and healed pastor Thaddeus after his accident and he was not even touching anything with his hand and his mouth full of blood, after a touch of God Rev. Hephzibah, God healed him completely.   This makes come to faith and many got saved in that Bungoma conference and this why we can't wait to get in touch with her ministry. 

Okay, we planted the church in our home area, I worked as church Secretary, deacon, overseer and now working as a moderator, now I'm serving 12 churches, orphans, widows and those in need.  Our vision and calling is to reach unreached people.  We lack rental fees, food, water, schools, hospitals and prayers center.  May God touch and provide that you may be a great blessings and help for us, we also pay 1500 Kenya Shillings per church, our daily family needs per month is 10,000 Kenya Shillings, transportation is a problem too.   

I receive the wisdom of God, and expect that wisdom to empower me more than silver or gold. I receive the prosperity and provision of God.  (James 1:5) The Bible also says that wisdom is MORE VALUABLE THAN silver and gold. (Proverbs 8:11, Proverbs 3:15). Ask God for it, and believe you have received it.

I am VALUABLE, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I have the blessing and gifts of God on the INSIDE of me; and people are drawn to them. I have what people need; therefore I will always be in demand. I believe God has countless ways to meet my needs, and I thank Him for providing, in Jesus’ Name.

I surrender my specific anxious thoughts to God.  I believe God cares about my every need, and wants to meet ALL my needs. I may have a need, but He has a supply!  I thank Him for the answer, and I think on all the good He has done and will do in my life.

He is not limited to meeting our needs with just money or our job.  He provided water out of a rock; manna out of heaven; fish from an empty lake!  He is Jehovah Jireh, oh!!! yes abba—our provider (Genesis 22:8).

See yourself as irresistible. That may sound strange, but you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Expect that people will want to hire you; keep you; or buy from your business. As a child of God, you have love, faith and power on the INSIDE of you. You are made in the image of God. See yourself that way. You have what people need. Believe it. You have not been given the spirit of fear—2 Timothy 1:7 

Meditate on the people of scripture who God provided for.  In Psalm 37:25 David said, "I was young, but now I am old, and I have NEVER seen the righteous forsaken or His children begging for bread." Also, Genesis 24:1 which says "and the Lord blessed Abraham in ALL THINGS."  Expect this blessing in all things in your life.  Why? Because you are the seed of Abraham! "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" (Mt 5:3). Am I needy for God? or do I "feel" like my spiritual plate is satisfied? There's a desperation in the Beatitudes - poor, hunger, thirst, peacemaking (not other person complaining, but working to build bridges), weeping - that comes from a place of brokenness and desperation (not passivity) and can be missed in its poetic wording.
In the name of Yeshua,

In His love,

Pastor Benjamin

Dear Mum  in Christ, Rev. Hephzibah,

Greetings in our Lord Jesus.  Its my hope you are well in Him.  How was your journey back home in USA? Kenya, Bungoma people very being much blessed by your teachings our dear mum Rev. Hephzibah, which were very motivating, for they opened our minds in that we were uprooted from religion teachings to the true word of God.  Many were uplifted spiritually.  Five people were living under affliction of disease and were healed instantly as you pray for them.  One lady was looking for marriage and she got married after one week.  Two couples were having conflicts in their homes and they are staying peacefully and glorifying God.  Since the time we meet and knew you mum Hephzibah, the ministry has been uplifted and people are serving God whole heartily.  They have known how to give to you testimony according to how God do his work for what you taught us that is why we can't wait to co-worker with your ministry, Daystar Healing Ministries.

Also people from Kenya Bungoma we are very grateful about doing and other  way of giving and helping orphans widows and those who are in needy.

Am Pastor Isaac Khaemba, married to one wife Eunice, 5 children, serving God together, the year 1990, when I was 15 years, after long time of my sickness, one day in night prayers God touched my life and got healed and saved.  I have served God as Sunday school teacher, Deacon, church Secretary and now I'm serving God in the office pastor, 7 churches, 80-150 members per church, our vision and calling is to reach unreached people and nations in Africa and the whole world.  We hope to help orphans, widows, planting and building churches, we lack church structures, plots, rental fees, food for our children, clean water and schools and hospitals, monthly we spend over 15,000 Kenya Shillings.  

Above all we are praying for you that you may accomplish the purpose that God sent you to Africa, especially Kenya that you may blow the trumpet to whole Africa that is in Jesus.  We request that you may pray for us and help us that we may also be able to teach and help people the true word of God so that they may be uprooted from wrong doctrine to the right word of God.  We are praying for you and good plan you have for us in the name of Yeshua, amen  May God bless you, your family and the ministry.

Pastor Isaac Khaemba & Eunice

Dearest Servant of God in Christ, Mum Rev. Hephzibah,

 Jesus prayed God to protect all believers and make them one strong church so that the world would believe that He was sent by the Father.  We are still meeting and praying together as it is in John 17:21-23. 

To introduce myself, I'm called Pastor Anthony Wekesa Makokha, married to one wife Salome. The Lord has blessed us with  3 children serving the Lord together. I was born outside wedlock, and I was brought up at my maternal grandmother's home, then pass through hardships and suffering a lot, until 1988, there was a crusade which I attended and gave my life to Jesus.  I was mentored by Pastor Mark Karioki to 1993 I received a call of evangelism.  I have ministered in Nakuru City, Eldoret City, Kitale City and I have planted 8 churches of 100 to 200 members in Western Kenya Bungoma East and South.  Our vision is: evangelism, church planting and training among far we have established local churches mostly in villages which have not been reached with the gospel.   The important reason is to request you Mum in Christ, Rev. Hephzibah, consider to pray for God's direction if you could stand with us in ministry partnership supporting us as we are still in rental houses for our churches.  Every month we pay 1,000 Kenya shillings per church.  We also care orphans and widows, we also lack food, water and transportation.  Believe we cannot struggle to stand alone serving the Lord in Africa Kenya Bungoma & we thank God to unite us with Rev. Hephzibah.   On last Bungoma conference, I saw the move of God, people were healed, even the time Rev. Hephzibah came in my house, my son John was very sick and Rev. Hephzibah anointed and prayed for his healing, and he was healed.  Oh!!!!  Praise Yeshua, Amen!!!  And the message was touching, is the message we need in this generation.  We can't wait to see Mum Rev. Hephzibah and the team back in Bungoma.  "And I will have mercy upon her that had not obtained mercy; and I will say to them which were not my people, thou art my people; and they shall say, thou art my God."  Hosea 2:23  Praise the Lord!!  Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.  He makes us more than conquerors even in the struggle.  The task is difficult and much involving.   We need servants of God with a burden and clear vision of reaching Africa continent to visit and minister in our churches.  Just like Haron and Hur supported the  hands of Moses in order for Joshua to win the battle down in the valley.

How I pray God to expand your ministry borders so that you reach the unreached nations of the world with the gospel of peace.   May His grace strengthen your effort and hands in the work which is ahead of you.  My dear Rev. Hephzibah pray for my house, this is rain season and we are real suffering with children.   We still remember the word of prophecy when you were in my house that it is covered by iron sheets.  Please kindly pray, we  are passing through hardships, also the study Bible that has got the Hebrew meanings.   I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I remain your co-worker in Christ, your son and your interpreter in Kenya Bungoma.  I have attached my family and house picture.


Pastor Anthony and Salome

My Name is pastor Jackson Mang’oli, from Bungoma Kenya Africa.  I was born in the year 1965 in the small and poor village called Muanda in Western Kenya.  I went to school and completed my primary Education in the year 1984.  I jointed my high school in Kamusinga Boys high school and my Education ended  there because of the poverty my parents were encountering since we were many brothers and sisters in our home.

My parents at this time were not born again, and  it was very hard for us to get saved because my parents were Muslims in faith.  They restricted every member of our family from entering any church door as this was a very great offence.  But God had a way and His purpose in my life so that I could serve Him in this days. I was attacked by a very complicated disease which I was taken to at least all hospitals but without  any positive success. All religious leaders from our Mosque visited our home  every day but there was no hope for my healing, because what they could tell my parents was just but only discouragements. My life seemed to reach the end as what was only left on me was just empty dry bones on skeleton. But I thank God because he is faithful and he has good thoughts for us always.

As this was going,  there was a servant of God who was doing Evangelism house to house, and when he reached at our home, he asked if he could be allowed to come in and pray for me, but as usual, they resisted at first, but the man of God told them that “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life”.  And this made them to accept him in, and when he was praying, God reveled to him about my life and he told my parents, that God  needed to heal me and to use me for His purpose. This offended the whole Muslim community and they not happy with the man of God.  He prayed for me and the following day I started to walk and they were very amazed at this.  But healed and they had nothing to say, and I started to go to church and started to learn the word of God.  Our family started to change, as the Lord started to do beyond their imaginations.  Many of my brothers and sisters got born again till now.

I remained faithful to the faith of Christ and I have been ministering to Muslims in which most of them are born again and many hate me for this, but Jesus loves me for this, I believe.  My main area focus of evangelism is mostly in Islamic communities and trusting God that 99% will come to Jesus. 

I am married and God has blessed me with 6 Children.

I thank God as you were ministering for us in the pastors conference in Bungoma Kenya.  For sure you touched my life and I was encouraged to continue.  During the conference, my 3 children felled in the long ditch , but as you prayed for me,  none of them was found with any injuries, but for sure, the angels of the Lord took hold of them and till now,  they are very safe and protected by Jesus.

May the Lord bless you for the great work that you are doing to reach the world with the love of Christ.


Pastor Jackson Mang’oli

My dear Mum in Christ, Hephzibah, Prophetic Minister Founder of  Daystar Healing Ministries.

I’m a Kenya citizen, a holder of an ID card.  I sat for KCPE  in 1988 and passed very well and joined Mukumu boys Kakamega District where I ended up my form four course in 1992.

I thought after school I will be employed, for my father was in position to do that for me, but he failed, & in the long run, he rejected me and chased me out the home.   I experienced the life of a street boy, spend time in cold on streets of Kitale town, one evening, I met with a pastor Moses Wanyonyi of Deliverance church in Kitale, who I believe was God send.   He talked to me about the love of Yeshua, and I was very much touched.   I had no option but give my life to Yeshua, and that pastor begun taking care of me, spiritually and physically.  He trained me, he took me to New Life Training Center ( CCC Campus crusade for Christ,) as it is called in America.  After that he encouraged me through different trainings, even recommended me to different churches as a trainer of Discipleships, and leadership, and also encouraged me to join a degree programme.  I’m married to one wife Centrine, blessed with 6 children and orphan, Founder of Oasis of Joy Chapel church in rental house and Joy education center which is just a pre-class also in rental house.  We have got other three churches of average of 100-200 members, pastor John Wekesa, Musembe church, Justus Juma Nzoia church, Caroline Wekesa Mitisi Church.  We have materials needs like bibles, rental fees, school fees for our children.  We thank God as Rev. Hephzibah was in Bungoma conference she was able to pay 2000 kenya shillings for our daughter Naomi who is in form three in Namawanga Girls high school, we have other of them, Anet in form three Miendo high school, Dorcas form one Misikhu Girls high school, the remaining in private schools, we need your support and prayers. 

I have worked in several institutions including the N.L.T.C in Kitale thus in Deliverance Church and in Eldoret Christian Centre AF.CEA. Together with the letter in my school acknowledging letter, certificate from various institutions, letters for thanks and recommendation, but as we experienced your teachings and the ministry that God has given you, we could not wait to join Daystar Healing Ministries, people being healed instantly, transformation was inevitable through the meetings.

 Rev. Hephzibah, I beg to remain faithful for your humble and kind consideration of my request in your ministry / organization.

Yours faithfully,

 In Yeshua's name

Pastor Wenslaus and Centrine, Worship Leader

Rev. Hephzibah,

Thanks for your visit in Bungoma Kenya, people were healed and many came to faith, this makes me to join Daystar Healing Ministries.

 I Was born 1975, and the year 1994 my life was very bad and affected my education, so I worked in homes of many people.  I have been cared by my brother pastor Benjamin as our elder brother, I started Sunday school teacher, youths teacher, Church teacher and the year 97 when I got married to one wife Metrine and 5 children, I served as Deacon, 1999 I served as a pastor, I have planted 4 churches in Kenya and 2 churches in Uganda average of 100-200 per church, we lack plots for our churches, church structures, rental fees, food, clean water, schools, hospitals, orphans and widows, we always spend 25,000 Kenya Shillings for our churches and our daily needs per month, we always spend most of the time working out for people have small incomes, others have bicycles carrying people this one called pota pota in our language, and also small farming which cannot even manage to care our daily needs, we pray and hope that you may help and support us to reach unreached people and for caring them.

We thank God for the message Rev. Hephzibah gave, the message touched many people are coming to Yeshua, this makes us to get in touch your ministry, amen and God bless you and yours

Pastor Anthony and Metrine

Dear Prophetess Hephzibah,

I grew up in the family of eight children as a rejected son. As a rejected second born to my parents, the area took advantage of my parents rejection to be against me.  I had no one to communicate or associate with. I was withheld education. When I married rejection grew worse.  In that hard life of rejection, the Lord sent his servant to me who preached to me, prayed for in 1988 and I got saved.

I was born in 1960 and I married in 1980. We have 8 children, four are married and four are students.

 The Lord has used me in many areas. I was once the mission secretary, National treasurer and orphanage chairman and assist. Bishop. God spoke to me to start a ministry in 2006 and I started my ministry on 4/4/2008. I now have three churches with 150 members and am planning to plant other churches. we pay rent and am not a working class pastor.

 How much God now means to me and my family as our rescuer, comforter, joy through his grace. I know how much difference it has made in my personal, spiritual, and physical life, the family and the ministry. When I met Prophetess Hephzibah, my life and the ministry changed so greatly.

I have given up so much to be available day after day to be used by God for the advancement of his kingdom. 

 It is my prayer that the Spirit of boldness be with me as I step out more, express faith and risk more in a way that will bring Him more glory and reveal more of His love to others.  I am opening up myself to anything more God might want to do with me and through me to reach, save, heal and restore relationships. 

Pastor Meshack Juma

Israel & Egypt

The trip to Israel & Egypt was amazing. There is no other place on earth like the Holy Land, & it is beautiful & so wonderful to actually experience the place where our Saviour was born & lived his life on earth. The trip was very intense with an extremely demanding schedule & physically very strenuous. I pray Father sees fit to take me back when the weather is warmer, & an opportunity to see & experience much more of the country at leisure.

The first place we went after arriving in Jerusalem was to the Temple Mount, & the Dome of the Rock, & for some reason the gate was open where we could go down to the place overlooking the Eastern Gate, where King Yahshua will enter. This is normally locked off, but God made a way for us, & as we were praying together, suddenly an Arab soldier came up & said "ARE YOU PRAYING?" One woman quickly replied, "We're just talking & sharing", & he retorted "YOU BETTER NOT BE!" Did you know it's against the law & you can be arrested for praying in that location?!! I'm glad none of us said, Yes, would you like to join us?, & had us arrested on the spot. Praise Yah for His mercy & faithfulness to protect us, which He did on many occasions.

We stayed in a hotel on the Mount of Olives, which is Arab owned, & it was very interesting, with a magnificent view overlooking the city. Father has given me a great love for the Arab people, as well as the Jews, & discovered one of the waiters in the dining room was a believer, praise Yah, but most, of course were Muslim. We spent much time in the "Old City", where there are small hotels, many shops, restaurants, & streets bustling with people avoiding the many cars on the narrow streets.

We had very little time for sight seeing, but did get to a few places, & the Western (wailing) Wall was one of them, where I, like everyone else that goes there, wrote my requests on a paper that I placed in a crack on the wall when I went to pray. On our way to the wall, Father surprised us as we came down the stairs with the beautiful "Golden Menorrah" that had just been placed in that location 2 weeks prior to us being there. I hope you enjoy the picture, which was a highlight of the trip for me. If you're interested, you can watch a video of the celebration when it was moved. 

We climbed & climbed & climbed up on the Rampart Walls of the Old City to pray, decree & declare victory & the Kingdom of Yahshua in, & over the city & all of Israel. So many hurting & in such need, so many in darkness & great deception who need to have their eyes open to the truth of Yahshua, the Messiah, & soon coming King! Please pray for both Jews & Arabs, all need to know Yahshua as Saviour & King.

The bus trip from Jerusalem all the way to Mt. Sinai was quite long, & it was very cold when we arrived at night, & I had no heat in my room. (the only one) We were only there until afternoon the next day, & proceeded to Cairo, where we spent two nights before heading for the airport in Tel Aviv for the very long flight returning home. I was hit with a case of bronchitis from freezing at night, so missed a couple days, but did see the famous Pyramids. Father has promised me that because I was obedient to go to Egypt, that He is going to restore everything the enemy has stolen from me, so am continuing to stand on His promise to me.

I am now preparing to leave for my first trip to India on March 12. There will be a team of 14 going to Mumbai, which used to be Bombay, where I believe the largest church in India was started by brother Joseph, a man now in his 70's, who had a great vision Father has brought to fruition. There are now approximately 3000 house churches with over 300 celebration centers where many come together to worship. I am told I will be preaching at least 2 times a day, possibly many more, at the celebration centers, house churches, pastors meetings, & women's groups. Can you understand how much I need your prayers? Please agree with me for an increase of the anointing, the gifts of the Spirit to flow in abundance, much strength & physical endurance with very long hours & difficult circumstances, to overcome all my health challenges. Pray for favor & unity with all the team members, only 3 that I personally know, clean, quiet hotel with a decent bed, & that nothing I eat or drink will harm me in any way. Your prayers of intercession will be the way you can go with me, & reap the same reward Father has for our obedience.
HalleluYah! Glory to God!!! India is awesome & the Indian people so precious! Praise the Lord! Thank you so very much to all who prayed & gave for me to go on this trip. Father gave me so much favor with the humble, Godly pastors in Mumbai & the wonderful church there. Oh, how the American church could learn so much from them! We fall so very short brothers & sisters. Contrary to what so many preach, I believe our wealth & abundance have been detrimental to our spiritual well-being. God has so blessed us, but have we grown cold with compromise, apathy, & indifference? What will it take to get us to "wake up"!? The North American church is FAT, SPOILED, & PATHETIC! Will we just keep sitting in our "lazy boys" being LAZY? Or will we make a decision & cry out to God to convict us & grant us a heart of repentance? "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few" Mt. 9:37 There is a whole world out there dying & going to hell, people living in squalor who would be so grateful for just a small portion of the food you throw in the garbage. Dear Lord, help me! I didn't plan to write this, but I'm fired up, & I'm not going to change it! If you're offended, I'm sorry, but the truth does offend.

 It was a very fruitful trip, though not nearly long enough. I am so thankful to the Lord that I have an open door to return & now know why God granted me a 10 year visa, which I could hardly believe. I ministered in numerous celebration centers, house churches, a powerful women's conference, & leadership meeting. The harvest is truly so great! Do you realize that one-sixth of the world's population lives in India? I found that shocking! Such a very small percentage know the Lord, & most are Hindu or Muslim. People were saved, healed, & delivered among those receiving the word.


Soon to come........a slideshow of mission pics